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    Stories of the Past

    Grandpa Chester told me when they were kids, they were playing in the back yard, He had a hoe, and was making roads all over the yard in the sand.  After a while Uncle Everett got a can, and was pretending it was a truck, and driving on Chester's roads, He told me "when I saw he was messin up  my roads, I hit him in the head with my hoe, that taught him not to drive on my roads."

    Dad's family has always seemed close-knit. I remember as a young girl the family picnics at the lake or park, and the hootenannies. If nothing else, we certainly know how to have fun!

    Michael Hatcher - 3/8/2012
    I spent the better part of my life sitting on my Grandpa Leon's porch listening to him tell stories of his past one of my favorites was this. When he was a o.t.r trucker one winter he was coming down a mountain with he's brakes going out,... suddenly he saw something go flying by him in flames turns out it was one of his tires. now at the bottom of the mountain was a traffic light with cars backup well you can use your imagination on the words that came out but he decided to do the right thing and go off the side of the road instead of slamming into traffic he finally came to a stop in a parking lot safe and sound said he couldn't take his hands off steering wheel for another ten minutes

    Here's one my mother told me about Grandpa William Madison Hatcher, when he was a teenager he was given money to get a haircut, but on the way to the barber, he stopped by a store and found a fiddle he liked, and ended up with the fiddle instead of a haircut.

    When my grandfather Chester Hatcher was a teenager, a man came by the house early in the morning, he told of a man who was coming by that same night to play a violin at a certain house.  Grandpa decided he really wanted to see that having never heard anyone play a violin before and spent 10 hours walking the shortest route to the other house arriving just at sundown. He told me "I walked all the way, fighting through the bryars and thorns and got over there and it werent nothin but a fiddle".


    Zona Fannin 3/9/2012

    One of my favorite stories my mom used to like to tell about dad--Paul Pettigrew-- When dad was courting mother , he knew her father didn't like him. Grandpa O'Neal considered him a ne'er do well type of fellow. Dad would walk up the road t...o grandpa's farm and see him working out in the field, Dad would begin singing at the top of his lungs, " old man, old man, I want your daughter, to bake my bread and carry my water". It would infuriate grandpa. I can just see it. LOL


    One time--back in the mid 1970's when Gas stations weren't on every corner in the desert---  James and I, along with Zolan and Dee (and all children) came to Arkansas from California. A shopping vacation, looking for property to move to.  It was the middle of the night, and I was driving; James in the camper asleep, Dee keeping me company, and Zolan sound asleep on the other side of her.  I noticed the gas hand sneaking down towards 1/4 tank, and made the comment that I would stop for gas in Needles.  Out of the blue Zolan said "Go on to Kingman" ....I said "WHAT??? That's too far!"  He said. "Go on to Kingman!"  I say, "Are you sure?",  he says "YES".... so I did....   and he promptly went "back"  to sleep.    Well, come dawn, he really wakes up says where are we... "I don't know...about 20 miles to Kingman, and gettin pretty low on gas."   Boy,...Zolan and James both yelled at me no end; said I should have known not to listen to him when he was asleep----- didn't matter he sounded wide awake. Anyway, we limped on into Kingman, on the tail of an 18 wheeler.....   Zolan muttering the rest of the way across country about me not stopping for gas...


    Dale Jenkins 3/11/2012

    A traveling salesman came around one day (this is a true story) and was trying to sell, don't know what, to Aunt Jessie, and my grandmother Delia Hatcher (Chester's Wife), after he left Uncle Homer and another uncle, not sure which one were teasing them about the salesman, well the ladies took off running to get away from them and the guys were chasing them to continue the fun, well Aunt Mildred saw them all running and thought someone must be hurt, and she started yelling "run Homer run, run Homer run." When she found out what was really happening she was so mad she was ready to whip Homers rear end.


    Janet Pettigrew-Elliott 3/12/2012

    I was about 8 months pregnant with my daughter, Jessica, and was working on my car at my parents house. I had to replace my bottom radiator hose which involved scooting under the car. My dad, Bill Pettigrew (son of Paul Pettigrew) asked if I wanted a hand and I told him "No, I got it. Thanks." So I got the hose changed but I got stuck under the car because of my big belly...just a part of my belly, my legs, and feet were sticking out. Dad couldn't here me hollerin' for help because he was inside the house. After awhile, he came to check on me. After he quit laughing, he grabbed me by the ankles and hauled me out from under the car. He shook his head and said, "That'll learn ya!" We laughed a lot over the years about that day.


    Dale Jenkins 3/12/2012

    Grandpa Chester told a joke at least a thousand times, he would say ur grandma knows who is boss around my house, at least once a day she comes to me on her hands and knees, and u know what she says? Come out from under that bed u chicken!


    When Grandpa Chester was about 13 or 14, being the oldest child, He was often put in charge, it was about that time that a rabid dog showed up in the area of their home. His mother or whoever was in charge of them, don't remember exactly which one he told me, left to find a neighbor man to come and shoot the dog, and left Grandpa with a shotgun for protection. Watching over the other kids, must have made him nervous, and when a flock of birds landed on the metal roof, he thought it was the dog trying to get in and shot it full of holes.


    Michael Hatcher 3/19/2012

    Thomas Burton [7120.2.1] (c.1664) deposed in April 1680 that he was sixteen. He had been called as a witness against William Hatcher who had been charged with overstepping the law to protect his pond from poachers ... funny he died a month later and if he was a witness then he must of been one of the "pond poachers"


    Michael Hatcher 3/20/2012

    12/2/1678 Edward gives his age as 46 in a deposition.
    12/18/1678, Edward Hatcher, then claiming to be about 46 years of age, told the Henrico County Court that Maj. William Ligon told him to steal a cow from a Mr. Tibbald and butcher it. Edward could not find the cow but heard later that Thomas Perrin and some others had butchered it, although he did not see it happen.


    Dale Jenkins

    Grandpa Chester Hatcher told me about a man who was going hunting that came by their house. He visited for a while and headed into the woods telling them that he would come back by there about the same time the next day … 2 days later he hadn’t made it back out so they got some guys together to go check on him. after a long search one of them finally found his gun, but no hunter, leaning inside of an old hollow tree with 63 dead wolves lying around the tree.











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