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    About Us

    About us

    The descendants of William Hatcher..
    This site is dedicated to the descendants of William Hatcher, born 1613, (no exact date known), died on or before 4/1/1680.

    We are the PROUD Hatcher Family! We are descendants of William (the immigrant) Hatcher. We are now scattered throughout the USA, however we are becoming more connected each day.

    There are two versions of the origin of the name Hatcher. One is that it was an Anglo-Saxon name for a family who resided near a hatch or gate which in most cases led to a forest, water sluice, or some other area that needed to be guarded, watched, or controlled. The name is derived from the OE word haecce, which means “hatch.”
    The second version of the name is that it comes from the Norman-French word hache and means “a light battle axe” (hatchet). After the Norman invasion the name was anglicized to Hatcher. Version I gives the Hatchers roots in England; Version II would put them with the Vikings who invaded Scotland in the Ninth Century and then, a century later, moved to France and invaded Paris.

    We do know that William Madison Hatcher was born  and raised in England. We have not yet proved who his parents were.


    What Do We Do


    We gather historical information and post it on our site, making Hatcher's and others aware of our heritage..  More »

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    We turn back the clock and discover details of the past, uncovering mysteries and secrets of our ancestors.  More »


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